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Entry Requirements

Updated date: 02/08/2022

Since January 29, 2022, travellers no longer need to show a COVID-19 test result to enter Argentina. The current requirements to enter the country are as follows:

  • An electronic ‘sworn statement’ form (see here) at least 48 hours before travelling.
  • Medical travel insurance that includes hospitalization, quarantine, and transportation coverage.

People who enter by land for less than 24 hours will be exempt from the above requirements.

For unvaccinated travellers or for those with an incomplete vaccination schedule, it is highly recommended to take a COVID-19 test within 24 hours after entering Argentina.

For more information: Legislation to travel to, enter and leave Argentina

Please note that it is the responsibility of each traveller to fulfill the requirements for his or her trip, and that boarding or entry into Argentina may be denied if the requirements are not fulfilled.

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