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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

The Argentine Migration Office enforces the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for citizens of countries that require a tourist visa in the Argentine Republic and that are included in the list that can be seen here.

The eTA reaches foreign holders of valid and current ordinary passports, who travel for tourism to the Argentine Republic. For this, they need in an exclusive manner to be holders of a current category B2 visa issued by the United States of America, provided that the Argentine Migration Office can verify the validity of visas with the authority of the aforementioned State.

The validity of the visas must have a currency that includes both the term of resolution of the eTA by the Argentine Migration Office, and the period of three (3) subsequent months in which it would be authorized to enter the national territory.

The eTA for tourists will have a validity of THREE (3) consecutive months as from its issuance. The stay in the country authorized in the transitory-tourist qualification for the applicant will be THREE (3) consecutive months from the first entry allowing multiple entries and exits. Likewise, the authorized stay may be extended only once for a similar period, prior evaluation of the IMMIGRATION SERVICES OFFICE.

Please make sure to use the Electronic Travel Authorization to enter the country, please click here to view a sample of it.

The paymeny receipt only does NOT enable entry to the Argentina Republic, It must be accompanied by the Electronic Travel Autorization, please click here to view a sample of the voucher.

In case of problems, the interested parties may send their queries to the e-mail address: ave@migraciones.gov.ar


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